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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Finally! 1 inch Off My Visceral Fat + Weight Doesn't Matter!


  1. What a fascinating detox journey! I am wondering, what's an average day of eating look like for you?
    I have been raw vegan for 1 year now, and have done some juice feasts as well as a week detox retreat on juice and sprouts. My previous life was filled with junk food, drugs and alcohol although I was never considered overweight I was definitely more puffy and toxic with most of my toxins manifesting through my skin (acne all over body and was a major cause of depression for me). So I am wondering about this detox, my skin has done a complete turn around and I get complimented all the time for it now, but I know I still have a ways to go. Do you know anything about cellulite and if it stores old toxins or how one can get rid of it?

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    1. Thank you for sharing you journey! I think I will start to add more seaweeds into my diet too.
      I did track my PH when I was eating healthy, but not nearly as healthy now and my PH was alkaline via saliva. I recently did a urine PH test and my urine was also alkaline being around 8.

      I think for the time being because it's summer here in Los Angeles I will stick to eating fully raw, but when winter time comes I'm not sure what I'd do as I've read having something cooked will not necessarily stop but slow the detox.
      Was there a period where you were fully raw? If so, for how long did you stay raw, and when you started to introduce cooked clean foods did you have a reaction?

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